• In-Balance Physiotherapy & Pilates seasoned physios will help restore your mobility and improve your function.

    All ages, all sizes, all activities - Physiotherapy helps injuries repair by optimising the healing process, reducing pain/stiffness and improving movement strategies and mobility. Using a combination of hands-on techniques, massage, exercises and useful (easy to understand) info your preferred physio can help your body achieve its prime healing potential. 



    Virtually any condition that affects your muscles, joints, nerves, lungs, heart and brain can be helped with physiotherapy. Common painful problems include back and neck strain, poor posture, shoulder and knee injuries, whiplash, sports injuries, arthritis, tendinitis/over use injuries, strains and sprains and both women’s or men’s specific health issues. Lets not forget dizziness and neurological problems such as stroke and Multiple Sclerosis.



    Before any treatment is undertaken, the physiotherapist needs to perform a comprehensive assessment to assist with diagnosis of the problem and to help you to understand what the underlying causes of your injury may be. After this initial assessment a variety of treatments may be appropriate.


    From joint mobilisation and manipulation through to supply and fitting of orthotic devices, In-Balance physiotherapists can assist clients with a range of treatments. Sports-related treatments may include pre-season screenings, taping to reduce load on structures and to protect joints, and strength training and stretching. Our physiotherapists provide a range of rehabilitation treatments and can refer for x-ray, MRI and ultrasound imaging.

    Preventative healthcare is also at the heart of what we do and we equip clients to take control of their own wellness journey through the provision of lifestyle advice, exercise prescription and health education.



    30-45 minutes

    If you have an acute, sub-acute or chronic injury or pain that you feel requires treatment you are best to book an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment. If the injury or pain has been present for longer than 3 months, involves more than one area, is quite complex or you may have had treatment elsewhere for it in the past, a longer (45min) appointment is recommended to allow for assessment of injuries and underlying issues.



    1 hour

    This assessment includes an interview, recording any relevant medical and injury history and treatment you may have trialled previously and completing some questionnaires regarding your level of pain or disability. The physiotherapist may then seek your consent for taking postural images or video of relevant functional issue.


    Following this the physiotherapist will perform a physical examination which may include assessment of your muscles, postural and functional control, movement strategies and specific tests to identify pain, pathology or potential problems. Please be aware that you will most likely be asked to undress for an assessment so please wear appropriate clothing and let the physio know if you are uncomfortable with this.


    A review of the assessment will follow and a plan of action formulated. Components of the action plan may include hands on treatment of an underlying injury, participation in supervised individual exercise regimes/pilates or group exercise programs, referral to a specialist via your GP or a combination of these options.


    Warm baths and hot springs have been seen as medical miracles through the ages. Mineral baths were used to cure all manner of afflictions and most people feel the benefit of warm water. There is much evidence that performing exercise in warm water can be beneficial in assisting healing from injury or surgery.


    In the water the buoyancy makes walking and movement of injured limbs easier Hydrostatic compression force helps to reduce swelling and improve mobility. Resistance to movement provided by water helps to strengthen and the warmth of the water at 38 degrees Celsius helps to soothe aches and pains. This can lead to a much faster recovery, allowing you to return to work and play sooner!


    Great for Injuries such as sprains and strains.

    • An injured or painful back or neck
    • Arthritis Sufferers
    • Pregnancy
    • Post operative procedures such as Hip, knee or other joint replacements and spinal surgery.

    Hydrotherapy sessions are conducted at the Launceston Aquatic Centre on Mondays and Fridays. Health Fund rebates may be available. Phone reception to find out more.


    AS OF JANUARY 2017


    Every attempt is made to provide current and up to date information regarding our fees, however they are subject to change (and the odd human error) so we encourage clients to check with reception regarding treatment costs at the time of booking.

    If you have multiple issues or a complex, long standing problem, it is advised to book a 45 or 60 minute Initial appointment.



    Prior to your consultation date a text confirmation is sent to you. Please respond quickly to allow a minimum 24 hours notice if you need to make a cancellation. Otherwise a non attendance fee will be charged.



    • Initial Consultation (30 min) $79

    • Initial Consultation (45 min) $105

    • Standard Consultation (30 min) $75

    • Standard Consultation (45 min) $105

    • Complex/Extended Consult (60 min) $140

    • Lymphoedema Initial Consult (60 min) $115

    • Lymphoedema Follow up (60 min) $115

    • Lymphoedema Follow up (45 min) $85

    • Lymphoedema Follow up (30 min) $65

    • Laser Therapy (15 mins) $30

    • Laser Therapy (30 min) $45

    • Hydrotherapy (45-60 min) $40

    • Private Home Visit (min 45 min – plus travel @ $0.70/km) $150


    Medicare Enhanced Primary care plans can now be processed on site with HICAPS.


    The above prices are for payment made on the day the service has been provided. Services not paid for on the day are subject to a $5.00 account keeping fee.


    HICAPS Health Fund rebates available on Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and massage services dependent on health fund.


    We have a convenient SMS and email reminder service for all appointments. Ask our receptionist if you would like to receive reminders.


    If you're experiencing mobility problems, injury, or require post-cancer treatment...our qualified physios can help your recovery and bring balance to your life.

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